New Titles

New Titles



New publication - Chinese Perceptions of Russia and the West, ed. by Gotelind Müller und Nikolay Samoylov

This book aims at investigating changes and continuities in Chinese perceptions of Russia and the West during the 20th century, paying heed to the fact that the respective ascriptions and “frontlines” were historically contingent: who and what represented “Russia“ or “the West“ at a given time and at a given place? Was “Russia“ part of “the West“, or not? And if it was, in which regard? With such questions in mind, this book was taking shape, growing out of a German-Russian project funded by the DFG-RFBR.


Wege durchs Labyrinth: Festschrift zu Ehren von Rahul Peter Das

The Festschrift in honour of Professor Rahul Peter Das "Wege durchs Labyrinth" edited by Carmen Brandt and Hans Harder combines German and English language contributions by colleagues, pupils and companions of Professor Das. The essays collected here reflect different thematic focuses, which Professor Das has also worked on in his extensive scientific oeuvre.


New Open Access publication - Train Friends by Ninette Preis

As part of our cooperation with the Heidelberg-based publisher Draupadi Verlag, we have made the book by Ninette Preis: Train Friends: Frauenfreundschaften im indischen Nahverkehrszug Ladies Special available as an Open Access publication on CrossAsia-eBooks.


Danuta Stasik (ed.): Oral-Written-Performed: The Rāmāyaṇa Narratives in Indian Literature and Arts

The Rāmāyaṇa tradition is well known for an inexhaustible variety of forms and narrative structures transmitted by different media. Oral–Written–Performed examines selected textual, oral, visual and performing forms in which the Rāma story has functioned in Indian literature and arts. The volume addresses the question how narratives become vehicles for literary conventions and ideologies expressive of diverse sectarian concerns, or cultural values.


First “Jahrbuch der DVCS” published in Open Access

 As part of the cooperation between the German Association of Chinese Studies and CrossAsia-eBooks we were able to publish the first volume of the series “Jahrbuch der DVCS”as an open access publication: Breuer, Rüdiger; Roetz, Heiner (Hg.): Worüber man nicht spricht: Tabus, Schweigen und Redeverbote in China.


CrossAsia-eBooks presents the 11th volume of the series Geographien Südasiens

This open-access publication offers you Extended Abstracts of the 9. Jahrestagung des AK Südasien, 2019. As with previous volumes, you can download the whole volume or individual articles as PDF. The volume contains articles on migration, political ecology, biotechnology, trade and much more.

New Titles


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