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New Titles



New publication - »Das alles hier«. Festschrift für Konrad Klaus zum 65. Geburtstag

»Das Weltall, die Gesamtheit des in der Welt Vorhandenen, wird in den Brāhmaṇas gewöhnlich mit dem Ausdruck idaṃ sarvam ›das alles hier‹ bezeichnet…«, reads Konrad Klaus' doctoral thesis. The completion of his 65th year – at the same time the completion of two decades as a university professor in Bonn – is a welcome occasion for us to honour Konrad Klaus with this Festschrift. »Das alles hier« may gladly also be interpreted in terms of the honoree's life's work to date: A rich academic work with multiple activities in teaching, research and science management with a large number of brilliant publications on philological and cultural-historical issues as visible signs.


New publication - The Bhadrakarātrī-sūtra: Apotropaic Scriptures in Early Indian Buddhism by Kathrin Holz

In her dissertation Kathrin Holz examines the Bhadrakarātrī-sūtra, an important representative of early Buddhist rakṣā literature, and thereby contributes to the investigation of this literary genre. This work ultimately presents an edition, partial reconstruction, and translation of the two extant Sanskrit manuscripts found in Central Asia, as well as a critical edition and translation of the Tibetan version of this text.

The book is published as volume 27 of the series Monographs on Indian Archaeology, Art and Philology.


New Publication - Begräbnistexte im Sozialen Wandel der Han-Zeit. Eine typologische Untersuchung der Jenseitsvorstellungen by Liang Chen

During the Han period (202 B.C.- 220 A.D.), funerary texts were added to tombs in China. These were intended to serve as a means of communication between this world and the next. “Begräbnistexte im Sozialen Wandel der Han-Zeit” systematically analyses funerary texts from about 180 tombs and thus shows the development of the concept of the afterlife in connection with social change in the Han period.


New Publication - Vom Wesen der Dinge: Realitäten und Konzeptionen des Materiellen in der chinesischen Kultur by Phillip Grimberg, Grete Schönebeck (Eds.)

As part of the cooperation between the Deutschen Vereinigung für Chinastudien  and CrossAsia-eBooks we were able to publish another volume of the series “Jahrbuch der DVCS” as an open access publication: Phillip Grimberg, Grete Schönebeck (Hg.) - Vom Wesen der Dinge: Realitäten und Konzeptionen des Materiellen in der chinesischen Kultur


New Publication - Translating Islam, Translating Religion: Conceptions of Religion and Islam in the Aligarh Movement by Arian Hopf

The 19th century is characterized by a colonial encounter with South Asia. The religions of South Asia are analyzed, categorized and compared with Christianity by the Europeans. Missionary and Orientalist criticism, as well as modern science, present an entirely new confrontation for the Muslims of South Asia. The aim of "Translating Islam, Translating Religion" is to analyze Muslim responses to this confrontation, which imply both a translation of Islam according to the reference point of Christianity and a reinterpretation of the concept of religion itself. The focus here is on the Aligarh movement, which is intensively involved in these debates and tries to put forward a new interpretation of Islam.


New Publication - A Course in Reading Classical Newari: Selections from the Vetālapañcaviṃśati

A Course in Reading Classical Newari is intended for all who wish to acquire a basic knowledge of this acutely understudied language. The first part of the book provides an introduction to the phonology, morphology, and syntax of Classical Newari on the basis of the literary language of the late 17th century. Part two consists of twelve annotated reading passages that have been taken from various manuscripts of the as yet unedited Newari version of one of the most popular texts of the South Asian narrative tradition, the Vetālapañcaviṃśati. Appended to the book are a key to the exercises, translations of the reading passages, an index of verb forms, and a glossary.

New Titles

New Titles

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