Neue Hallesche Berichte
Quellen und Studien zur Geschichte und Gegenwart Südindiens

[New Halle Reports. Sources and Studies on Historical and Contemporary South India]

Edited by Michael Bergunder and Daniel Cyranka on behalf of the Francke Foundations in Halle

The relations between the Francke Foundations and India go back to the early days of the Foundations. With the Danish-English-Halle Mission, the first mission of the Protestant church, the Foundations established contact with South India from 1706 on and published the missionaries’ reports, the “Hallesche Berichte”, between 1710 and 1772. The “Neue Hallesche Berichte”, published from 1999 on, aim at promoting contemporary scholarly studies of traditional relations with India. The series’ topics, developed in conference reports, monographs and critical editions of sources, include Dravidology, popular religion, the history of Christianity, the history of Hinduism, and the religion and culture of South India.