Monographs on Indian Archaeology, Art and Philology

The series "Monographs on Indian Archaeology, Art and Philology" has been published since 1978 by the Board of Trustees of the Ernst Waldschmidt Foundation. It comprises outstanding contributions in the field of Indology in its entire breadth, with a special focus on the research interests of the founder (archaeology and art history of Central Asia, Buddhist literature). Inclusion in the series is decided by the Foundation's Board of Directors on the recommendation of the Foundation's Board of Trustees.

The Ernst Waldschmidt Foundation Berlin was founded in 1968 by the Indologist Ernst Waldschmidt (1897–1985). It is a foundation under civil law according to Berlin state law with its headquarters in Berlin and serves to support research on India in Germany.

ISSN (Print): 0170-8864
ISSN (online): 2749-0793