Johannes L. Kurz
The Imperial Library of the Northern Song: A Complete Translation of the Lintai gushi (canben) 麟台故事 (殘本) by Cheng Ju 程俱 (1078–1144)

Research on the history of libraries in pre-modern China served to reconstruct not only the holdings of imperial and private libraries, the bureaucracy and handling procedures involved in maintaining the book collections, and the commercial book printing and trade but also provided new insights into the kind of books that were produced and read by the educated. This book is a complete translation of Lintai gushi by Cheng Ju - the oldest surviving source of information on the Northern Song (960-1126) imperial libraries.

Forthcoming in Summer/Autumn 2021

Tatiana Oranskaia, Anvita Abbi (Eds.)
The Heart of Change: Issues on Variation in Hindi

Variation is considered a central property of language, providing means to convey social meaning, cultural values, and emotional attitudes. The Heart of Change: Issues on Variation in Hindi aspires to make the picture of this phenomenon, functioning as the motor of linguistic change, clearer by looking into regional, social and linguistic forms of Hindi in the broad meaning of the latter term. Variation is not only the topic but also the strategy of the book combining various aspects of linguistic research and, accordingly, various data types as well as methodological approaches. The bilingual English-and-Hindi volume provides fresh data, useful reading, and ideas of interest to Indologists, linguists, and language teachers.

Forthcoming in Summer/Autumn 2021

Bindu Bhadana
Postnational Perceptions in Contemporary Art Practice

This publication takes up the work of Chitra Ganesh (b. 1974), Tejal Shah (b. 1979) and Nikhil Chopra (b. 1976), to understand the changing relationship of the gendered body with national identity in contemporary art practice. Ideas of national belonging are challenged precisely through a concerted focus on identities marginalized by the nation – women, queer and the transgenders. It proposes the ‘post-national’ as an empowering term to mark the shift away from nation-centred discourses and employs post-structuralism as the critical framework to argue that the nature of national identity is in itself a construct.

Forthcoming in Winter 2021/2022

Mariana Münning
Sound, Meaning, Shape: The Phonologist Wei Jiangong (1901–1980) between Language Study and Language Planning

One of the leading proponents of the radical linguistic reforms in 20th century China, Wei Jiangong remains hardly known in the West. This book describes how Wei, who was rooted in traditional philology and conceptualizing language as a tool, helped to promulgate a standard language, led the compilation of the world’s most popular dictionary, and helped to drive script reform. While these measures were characterized as violent intervention in the Chinese language sphere, Wei’s careful negotiating of linguistic description and political prescription illustrates how they also may have been steps that helped to achieve linguistic self-determination.

Forthcoming in Winter 2021/2022


Nadja-Christina Schneider (Ed.)
Media and Cultural Studies

The "Media and Cultural Studies" series publishes original research results in the area studies that deal with questions of media and cultural studies. An additional focus is laid on innovative research at the interface of media culture and gender studies. In particular, the series serves as a publication platform for transregional and South Asia-related projects, for instance, PhD dissertations or edited volumes. Furthermore, it offers possibilities for multimedia publications.