Ayla Joncheere (Hrsg.)
Performing Rajasthan – Reading Practices: From past to present, in local and global dimensions, and with academic, institutional and artist perspectives.

This edited volume is the outcome of a conference held in Jodhpur (September 2019). The conference was the first large-scale initiative to bring together performing artists, international renown scholars and organisations for the arts in a multi-disciplinary gathering. The scholarly, cultural and interdisciplinary exchange program aimed to bridge and connect theory and practice, encourage meaningful exchange, and create new opportunities for further research and artist development. It also aimed to promote conscientious documenting and safeguarding, deeper understanding, and intelligent re-creating of the arts of Rajasthan for posterity.

Erscheint im Frühjahr/Sommer 2021

Fabienne Wallenwein
Tackling Urban Monotony: Cultural Heritage Conservation in China’s Historically and Culturally Famous Cities

With the threat and emergence of monotonous cityscapes in a rapidly urbanizing China, the pressure to preserve local characteristics has taken center stage. Central and local governments at the beginning of the 1980s responded by prioritizing 24 cities with historical value and cultural relics. Drawing on international standards and experiences of early Chinese architects such as Liang Sicheng, the concept of “Historically and Culturally Famous Cities” begins to take shape. The study delineates three revitalized residential areas in the Jiangnan region. While Pingjiang Historic Block in Suzhou and Tongli Ancient Water Town are characterized by Ming and Qing period architecture, Tianzifang in Shanghai is a mixed-use urban block with lilong housing and factory buildings. Based on these three areas which now serve as exemplars for integrated conservation and development, the study argues and demonstrates how “Historically and Culturally Famous Cities” developed from their initial concept into a multi-layered conservation system.

Erscheint im Winter 2020/21

Felix Otter
A Course in Reading Classical Newari

A Course in Reading Classical Newari is intended for all who wish to acquire a basic knowledge of this acutely understudied language. The first part of the book provides an introduction to the phonology, morphology, and syntax of Classical Newari on the basis of the literary language of the late 17th century. Part two consists of twelve annotated reading passages that have been taken from various manuscripts of the as yet unedited Newari version of one of the most popular texts of the South Asian narrative tradition, the /Vetālapañcaviṃśati/. Appended to the book are a key to the exercises, translations of the reading passages, an index of verb forms, and a glossary.

Erscheint im Frühjahr 2021

Liang Chen
Begräbnistexte im Sozialen Wandel der Han-Zeit: Eine typologische Untersuchung der Jenseitsvorstellungen

Während der Han-Zeit (202 v.Chr.– 220 n.Chr.) wurden in China den Gräbern Begräbnistexte beigegeben. Diese sollten der Kommunikation zwischen Diesseits und Jenseits dienen. Dieses Werk analysiert systematisch Begräbnistexte aus etwa 180 Gräbern und zeigt so die Entwicklung der Jenseitsvorstellung in Verbindung mit dem gesellschaftlichen Wandel in der Han-Zeit auf. Ein besonderes Augenmerk wird dabei auf die Form und materielle Beschaffenheit der Texte, ihre physische und symbolische Position im Grab sowie das Layout der Begräbnistexte und die in ihnen verwendeten Siegel gelegt. Durch die statistische Auswertung des geografischen und zeitlichen Auftretens der Begräbnistexte werden zudem die Verbreitungszentren identifiziert und regionale Interaktionen aufgezeigt. Außerdem wird der Zusammenhang zwischen dem Ausbruch von Epidemien und der Verbreitung der grabschützenden Texte in der Ost-Han-Zeit untersucht. Anhand ausführlicher Textanalysen wird anschließend der Frage nachgegangen, ob grabschützende Texte als Produkte des Volksglaubens oder des Daoismus anzusehen sind.

Erscheint im Frühjahr 2021

Johannes L. Kurz
The Imperial Library of the Northern Song: A Complete Translation of the Lintai gushi (canben) 麟台故事 (殘本) by Cheng Ju 程俱 (1078–1144)

Research on the history of libraries in pre-modern China served to reconstruct not only the holdings of imperial and private libraries, the bureaucracy and handling procedures involved in maintaining the book collections, and the commercial book printing and trade but also provided new insights into the kind of books that were produced and read by the educated. This book is a complete translation of Lintai gushi by Cheng Ju - the oldest surviving source of information on the Northern Song (960-1126) imperial libraries.

Erscheint im Frühjahr 2021

Tatiana Oranskaia, Anvita Abbi (Hrsg.)
The Heart of Change: Issues on Variation in Hindi

Variation is considered a central property of language, providing means to convey social meaning, cultural values, and emotional attitudes. The Heart of Change: Issues on Variation in Hindi aspires to make the picture of this phenomenon, functioning as the motor of linguistic change, clearer by looking into regional, social and linguistic forms of Hindi in the broad meaning of the latter term. Variation is not only the topic but also the strategy of the book combining various aspects of linguistic research and, accordingly, various data types as well as methodological approaches. The bilingual English-and-Hindi volume provides fresh data, useful reading, and ideas of interest to Indologists, linguists, and language teachers.

Erscheint im Frühjahr 2021

Arian Hopf
Translating Islam, Translating Religion: Conceptions of Religion and Islam in the Aligarh Movement

Religion is commonly perceived as an unequivocally defined concept. However, a historic perspective raises questions about this understanding and reveals religion as a concept that developed only in a process of negotiation with other religions. In particular, the 19th century is of special interest in this regard, as the colonial encounter intensifies tremendously in South Asia. The religions of South Asia are scrutinised, categorised and compared to Christianity by Europeans, which leads to the development of religion as abstractum. Missionary and orientalist critique as well as modern science pose to be an entirely new confrontation for the Muslims of South Asia. This book aims to analyse Muslim responses to this confrontation, which imply a translation of Islam as a religion as well as an adaption of the concept of religion itself. The Aligarh Movement is of particular interest in this regard, as it intensively engages in these debates, trying to integrate a re-interpretation of Islam in these discourses.

Erscheint im Winter 2021


Nadja-Christina Schneider (Hrsg.)
Media and Cultural Studies

Die Reihe "Media and Cultural Studies" veröffentlicht Ergebnisse aktueller regionalwissenschaftlicher Forschungen, die sich mit medien- und kulturwissenschaftlichen Fragen befassen. Einen weiteren Schwerpunkt bilden Forschungen an der Schnittstelle von Medienkultur- und Geschlechterforschung. Die Reihe dient insbesondere transregional angelegten und Südasien bezogenen Qualifikationsarbeiten und Sammelbänden als Publikationsplattform. Sie bietet darüber hinaus auch die Möglichkeit, multimediale Inhalte zu publizieren