Grammatik des Klassischen Chinesisch
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Unger, Ulrich: Grammatik des Klassischen Chinesisch, edited by Reinhard Emmerich, Heidelberg ; Berlin: CrossAsia-eBooks, 2019.

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ISBN 978-3-946742-60-9 (PDF)

Published 21.08.2019.


Ulrich Unger

Grammatik des Klassischen Chinesisch

Reinhard Emmerich (Ed.)

The Grammar of Classical Chinese, which until now was only partially distributed among the author’s friends and students, has now been published as a whole. Initially created as nine volumes, written roughly between 1980 and 2000, the grammar was digitally revised and merged into one edition. Its subject, Classical Chinese, is defined by Unger as the language of the 5th to the 3rd century BCE, the final period of Old Chinese and the actual age of formation of Chinese culture. Unger’s working method was to extract the relevant grammatical categories from the language itself. As the most comprehensive Western language description of the Classical Language to date, it shall serve as a reference work among both experts and advanced students, who aim to gain a deeper understanding of Classical Chinese.


Table of Contents
Reinhard Emmerich
Ulrich Unger und die Grammatik des Klassischen Chinesisch
0. Das Wort
1. Das Syntagma
2. Der Satz
3. Satzperioden