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Rehm, Raphael Pinheiro Machado: Small scale variability in soil hydraulic properties in a headwater catchment of the Indian Western Ghats, Heidelberg ; Berlin: CrossAsia-eBooks, 2018 (Geographien Südasiens, Vol. 9).

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Published 17.07.2018.


Raphael Pinheiro Machado Rehm

Small scale variability in soil hydraulic properties in a headwater catchment of the Indian Western Ghats

Geographien Südasiens

The Indian West Ghats are located in the monsoon climate with rainfalls up to over 3000 mm a year. Since the mountain chain is the source of almost all major Indian rivers, the characteristics of the headwater catchment areas are of great importance for the water balance of the entire Indian sub-continent. However, due to its proximity to the agglomeration areas of Mumbai and Pune, the previously rural Pune district in Maharashtra is facing strong demographic and economic growth and is thus increasingly affected by land use change. While these changes can be recognized from satellite data, changes in soil properties are rare avilable. Water affect a variety of physical, chemical and biological processes and by that almost every aspect of soil development and soil behavior. Conversely, the characteristics of soils for hydrological variables, such as the storage and provision of plant-available water, are crucial. In order to understand changes in the hydrology of a region, detailed knowledge of the effects of land use change on soil properties is required. This work should help to understand the characteristic of tropical soil formations in the northern Western Ghats and to show possible effects of different land uses on soil quality with a special focus on hydraulic properties.

Raphael Pinheiro Machado Rehm completed his Master in Geography at the University of Augsburg. To carry out his master thesis he got a scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) at the Indo-German Centre for Sustainability of the IIT Madras in Chennai for a three-month study visit in India. His master thesis deals with small scale variability in soil hydraulic properties of the tropical soils of the Indian Western Ghats.

Since January 2018, Raphael Pinheiro Machado Rehm has been working as a PhD student in the MicBin project. He measures and models the export of microplastic from agriculture areas caused by soil erosion and surface runoff within the Danube catchment of Bavaria.