The Satsaṅgijīvanam by Śatānanda
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Jani, Jaydev A. and Schreiner, Peter: The Satsaṅgijīvanam by Śatānanda: The Life and Teachings of Swaminarayana. An English summary of contents with index, Heidelberg ; Berlin: CrossAsia-eBooks, 2017.

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Published 05.01.2017.


Jaydev A. Jani and Peter Schreiner

The Satsaṅgijīvanam by Śatānanda

The Life and Teachings of Swaminarayana. An English summary of contents with index

Swami Sahajananda (1781-1830), the founder of the Swaminarayan Movement, considered by his followers as an embodiment of Krishna, let Swami Shatananda write the Satsangijivanam in order to vouchsafe that his presence and teaching live on among his followers in and through this text. The extensive work is composed in Sanskrit and is here presented in an English summary. The text describes the biography of Swami Sahajananda and is an important document for the religious situation in the Gujarat of its time; it testifies to the religious practices (festivals, norms and values for private and public life) by which Swaminarayan wanted to replace practices (like animal sacrifice) that were considered as abuses. The content of the text is made accessible through a detailed index.

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Jaydev A. Jani is retired professor of Sanskrit at the M. S. University of Baroda.

Peter Schreiner is professor emeritus of Indology at the University of Zürich.

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List of chapter titles in the Satsaṅgijīvanam
Summary of the contents of the Satsaṅgijīvanam by Śatānanda-Muni
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