The Shigar Microcosm
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Kreutzmann, Hermann, Schmidt, Matthias and Benz, Andreas (Eds.): The Shigar Microcosm: Socio-economic Investigations in a Karakoram Oasis Northern Areas of Pakistan, Heidelberg ; Berlin: CrossAsia-eBooks, 2016 (2008) (Berlin Geographical Papers, Vol. 35).

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Published 29.07.2016.

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Hermann Kreutzmann, Matthias Schmidt and Andreas Benz (Eds.)

The Shigar Microcosm

Socio-economic Investigations in a Karakoram Oasis Northern Areas of Pakistan

Berlin Geographical Papers

Shigar is located in the Central Karakoram, where the residents make a living based on a combination of crop farming and animal husbandry. Because of the high mountain environment and the arid climatic conditions reflected in sparse natural vegetation cover agricultural activities face significant challenges when survival on local resources is attempted. Previous investigations and studies have described the livelihood conditions and agricultural strategies adopted in the Shigar oasis. The so-called combined mountain agriculture applied here is similar to farming strategies which can be observed in the Hindu Kush, Karakoram and Himalaya.
In Shigar, the utilisation of irrigated land plays an important role within the livelihood strategies of the local people. In our study we follow the question: “In which way did land use change during the last decade?”