New Titles

New Titles



Frankfurt Book Fair 2018

This year CrossAsia-ePublishing will attend the Frankfurt Book Fair together with the South Asia Institute and Heidelberg University Publishing. We look forward to seeing you at our stall in Hall 4.1, B84.


New publication: “HerStory. Historical Scholarship between South Asia and Europe”

The Festschrift HerStory. Historical Scholarship between South Asia and Europe in honour of Professor Dr. Gita Dharampal-Frick, edited by Rafael Klöber and Manju Ludwig, assembles a number of innovative contributions by friends, colleagues, and former students to the multiple research areas in the field of history of South Asia that Gita Dharampal-Frick has enriched over the last decades. The essays included in this volume address a broad number of topics and periods, ranging from transcultural encounters between South Asia and Europe, reassessments of colonial discourses and their legacies, novel approaches to the maritime history of the Indian Ocean, and to perspectives on M.K. Gandhi.


CrossAsia E-Publishing at the 25th ECSAS in Paris (24–27 July 2018)

CrossAsia E-Publishing will be present at the 25th European Conference on South Asian Studies in Paris. Visit us at the publishers’ space and find out more on the various possibilities we offer for publishing your books, series or journals. We are looking forward to seeing you in Paris!


Neue Hallesche Berichte online available – Cooperation between the Franckesche Stiftungen and CrossAsia-eBooks

We are pleased to announce that as part of the cooperation between the Verlag der Franckeschen Stiftungen zu Halle and CrossAsia eBooks, the volumes of the Neue Hallesche Berichte series, which are out of print, are now accessible as Open Access publications on the CrossAsia eBooks platform.
The relations between the Francke Foundations and India go back to the early days of the Foundations. With the Danish-English-Halle Mission, the first mission of the Protestant church, the Foundations established contact with South India from 1706 on and published the missionaries’ reports, the “Hallesche Berichte”, between 1710 and 1772. The Neue Hallesche Berichte, published from 1999 on, aim at promoting contemporary scholarly studies of traditional relations with India. The series’ topics, developed in conference reports, monographs and critical editions of sources, include Dravidology, popular religion, the history of Christianity, the history of Hinduism, and the religion and culture of South India.
Of the nine books published so far, four volumes are now available as a digital edition.


New publication: Asketen auf Zeit: Das brahmanische Intitiationsritual der Bāhun und Chetrī im Kathmandu-Tal

After its integration into the series of life-cycle rituals (saṃskāra) in the first millennium BC, the Brahmanical initiation (upanayana) underwent continual revision and reinterpretation. Today it is performed during a ritual complex called vratabandha, in which it is conducted together with three other saṃskāras, the whole set being embedded in a preliminary and framing ritual. In his book Asketen auf Zeit: Das brahmanische Intitiationsritual der Bāhun und Chetrī im Kathmandu-Tal. Christof Zotter employs a combination of textual studies and fieldwork to examine the principles by which a particular Vedic school (the White Yajurveda) and a concrete context (the vratabandha of Nepalese Bāhuns and Chetrīs) combines and adapts elements of different types of ritual (saṃskāra, pūjā, homa, etc.) in order to accommodate itself to changing times and circumstances.


New publication on CrossAsia-eBooks

There exist many tales about the Indian king Vikrama in different Indian languages. Persian versions emerged during the 16th century, when the Persian language was one of the many literary languages and also functioned as administrative language in India. In her study Übersetzung als kultureller Transfer: Eine Untersuchung persischer Versionen des indischen Vikrama-Erzählzyklus Anna Martin examines a 17th century Persian adaptation of the Vikrama story called the Kišanbilās („Kišan’s dalliance“) by an author named Kišandās.


CrossAsia-eBooks presents the 8th volume of the series Geographien Südasiens

This open-access publication offers you extended abstracts of the 7. Jahrestagung des AK Südasien 2017. As with previous volumes you can download the whole volume or individual articles as PDF. The volume contains articles on migration, education, consumption and value chains, rural and urban worlds as well as tourism and development research.


New publication on CrossAsia-eBooks

In Māndhātr̥durga – A Preliminary Catalogue of the Historic Monuments at Oṃkāreśvar-Māndhātā the Indologist Jürgen Neuß offers for the first time a comprehensive survey of the extant historic remains at Oṃkāreśvar-Māndhātā, the most important place of pilgrimage in the Narmadā valley. Although the place has been known as an archaeological site since the middle of the nineteenth century, it has till date been overlooked that the remains are much more extensive and coherent than the rarely published archaeological notes, that deal with only a few monuments, suggest. This book provides a long overdue survey of the whole area which in essence represents a conglom-eration of three historic settlements. At the center lies a thoroughly structured fortification, Māndhātr̥durga, which represents the only preserved fortified city of the Paramāras of Dhāra in the Narmadā valley presently known to us.


Cooperation between Draupadi Verlag and CrossAsia-eBooks

The Draupadi publishing house in Heidelberg and CrossAsia-eBooks started in Spring 2017 a co-operation to publish electronic Open Access versions of selected books on South Asia that appeared originally as print editions and are not scheduled for reprint.
The first Draupadi title offered by CrossAsia-eBooks is Schaubühnen der Öffentlichkeit: Das Jatra-Wandertheater in Westbengalen (Indien), a PhD dissertation by the ethnologist Hans-Martin Kunz. The print edition is still available in bookshops or directly at the Draupadi publishing house.
The next electronic publication of a Draupadi book will be Markus Schleiter’s Die Birhor. Ethnographie und die Folgen. Ein indischer „Stamm” im Spiegel kolonialer und postkolonialer Beschreibungen (2008). It is planned to appear in autumn 2017.


New publication on CrossAsia-eBooks

In Development as Spectacle: Understanding Post-War Urban Development in Colombo, Sri Lanka Marc Herter looks into the matter of urban development in a post-war setting. Drawing on Guy Debord’s book titled “The Society of the Spectacle”, the author argues that urban governance has become increasingly concerned with transforming the cityscape into a space for consumption tailored to the needs of a post-industrial society. As cities compete for international prominence and business investments, urban planners turn to flagship projects as tools for city branding. In post-war Sri Lanka it is believed that economic progress will remedy grievances and detract from societal issues regarding ethnic segregation, poverty or ethno-nationalism. On the empirical case of Arcade Independence Square, a newly developed high-end shopping mall in Colombo, this study shows how the government aims to draw attention away from such issues by commissioning large-scale infrastructure projects.


New publication on “Medical Travel Facilitators”

In her thesis The Work of Medical Travel Facilitators: Caring For and Caring About International Patients in Delhi Sarah Hartmann investigates the important role of medical travel facilitators in bringing transnational health care markets into being as they help patients seeking medical treatment abroad. However, little is known about the work of medical travel facilitators located at medical travel destinations, such as Delhi in India. Ethnographic fieldwork shows that the facilitation model practiced in Delhi excels in comprehensive and individualised support of international patients, in which facilitators engage in a broad range of tasks that I suggest conceptualising as ‘care work’. These facilitators not only care for the overall well-being of patients but express their care in a particularly concerned, devoted, even affectionate manner.


New publication on CrossAsia-eBooks

The historian Martina Franke examines in her dissertation Hoffnungsträger und Sorgenkind Südasien: Westdeutsche Betrachtungen und Begegnungen zwischen 1947 und 1973 the perception of the South Asian countries in a West German political public changing in the course of time. The medially transported views on Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, and the views on occurrences such as the conflict between India and Portugal over Goa or the German-Indian cooperation to build the steel mill in Rourkela reveal different perspectives. The perception of the political development in South Asia until the beginning of the 1970s was in connection with the debates on granting and use of development aid. In the course of this generational affiliations and different life experiences left an imprint on the self- and external perception.


Two new books on CrossAsia-eBooks

In his Bibliography of Online Resources on Chinese Strategy, Security and Military Matters the German Sinologist Oliver Corff presents an overview of the material available online on these subjects. The bibliography will be updated on a regular basis.
The Satsaṅgijīvanam by Śatānanda describes the biography of Swami Sahajananda (1781-1830), the founder of the Swaminarayan Movement, considered by his followers as an embodiment of Krishna. The Satsaṅgijīvanam is an important document for the religious situation in the Gujarat of its time. The extensive work is composed in Sanskrit and is here presented in an English summary by Jaydev A. Jani and Peter Schreiner.


Series of events Open Access at noon: Publishing with the Heidelberg University

On occasion of the open acces week, 24-30 October 2016, the University Library invites you in your lunch break to inform you about the various publishing options Heidelberg University offers. Start: 1 pm in the manuscript reading room (round chamber) of the library.


Newly published

In his dissertation Die Revitalisierung von Vāstuvidyā im kolonialen und nachkolonialen Indien the Marburg Indologist Felix Otter examines several attempts at revitalisation of Vāstuvidyā since the first half of the 20th century in the context of ideological and historical developments with the methods of textual analysis. The relationship between the revived version(s) of Vāstuvidyā with the precolonial formulations of the lore, the relevance of the apologetic discourse of the indigenous sciences for the revitalisation of Vāstuvidyā, and the discourse strategies employed in colonial and post-colonial Vāstu literature are the central themes of the book.


New publication "Geographien Südasiens"

The fourth conference proceedings Aktuelle Forschungsbeiträge zu Südasien - 6. Jahrestagung des AK Südasien. The conference proceedings are published in form of extended abstracts and provide information on current research on South Asia. The volumes contains articles on food security, environmental change, urbanisation in Leh and more.


New publication on labour migration

In light of the upcoming FIFA world championship in Qatar, increasing international attention has turned to the large role of foreign workers in the rapid growth of many Gulf cities, as well as the often problematic working and living conditions of these laborers.
In her thesis Between Exploitation and Economic Opportunity?: Identities of Male Nepalese Labor Migrants in the Gulf Region Hannah Uprety investigates how these mostly male migrants and their families navigate through transnational lifestyles and how their identities are transformed alongside them.


CrossAsia E-Publishing at the 24th ECSAS in Warsaw (27-30 July 2016)

CrossAsia E-Publishing will be present at the 24th European Conference on South Asian Studies in Warsaw. Visit us at the publisher space and get informed on the various possibilities we offer for publishing your books, series or journals. We are looking forward to seeing you in Warsaw!

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