South Asia Study Group

The Study Group on South Asia in the German Geographical Society (DGfG) was founded in January 2011. Its main goal is to connect geographers with a regional focus on South Asia based in Germany and provide a platform for exchange between researchers from different subdisciplines, facilitate the dialogue between geographers in schools, research institutions and applied geographers, the discussion of recent studies and projects in a dynamic region as well as a critical reflection on methodology. Over the past years, the Study Group has been able to pool the broad expertise of its members spread over various departments and institutions in Germany. Recent scientific work is annually published in the form of extended abstracts in the series “Geographien Südasiens” (Geographies of South Asia), which build on conference papers presented at the annual conferences. Further goals of the Study Group include, but are not limited to, joint publications in the form of special issues, the promotion of cooperations between theoretical and applied research as well as the development of common research projects. A special focus lies on the intradisciplinary exchange between human and physical geographers. Information on the Study Group and its recent and upcoming activities can be found at:

Leitungsteam des AK Südasien

Dr. Carsten Butsch (Mitgliederkontakt)
Prof. Dr. Martin Franz (Öffentlichkeitsarbeit)
Dr. Alexander Follmann (Homepage, Finanzen)
Dr. Markus Keck (Forschungspreis)
Julia Poerting (Schriftenreihe)